Psycho-Legal Evaluations

Psycho-Legal Evaluations fall within the field of Forensic Psychology. They are evaluations conducted to assist in legal matters.  Evaluations conducted at OnCourse Cayman in this field relate to subjects such as competency to testify in court, crime, fraud, sexual crime, and family and custody matters, which include cases relating to residence, care and contact.  


Our protocol when dealing with custody matters is as follows: 

  • Psychological evaluation of the minor child/ren 
  • Psychometric assessment of the minor child/ren 
  • Psychological evaluation of the primary caregivers (biological parents, stepparents, legal guardians and/or those caregivers requesting rights) 
  • Psychometric assessment of the primary caregivers 
  • Interactive analysis of the children and all caregivers 
  • Inclusion of all relevant persons in the children’s life 
  • Gathering of relevant collateral information 
  • Perusal of relevant documents 
  • Perusal of relevant and appropriate literature in Psychology 
  • Perusal of relevant legislation 
  • Compilation of a comprehensive Psycho-Legal Report for the benefit of the Honorable Court 

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