Individual Therapy

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Individual therapy often begins with an initial assessment in which Dr. Bodden or Dr. Anguelova will gather your background as well as what you would like to work on in therapy.  Following this, each session is held for 50 minutes to help you to further your progress towards your goals.  Treatment is flexible and will be modified according to your needs.  Our therapists are trained in utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as other therapy approaches.

CBT is a newer form of therapy that has been gaining respect in the field for its effectiveness in many scientific research trials.  It was developed and advanced by Dr. Aaron Beck and his daughter Judith Beck. CBT focuses on changing Cognitions (or Thoughts) and Behaviors to improve your mood.  We will talk about things that have happened in the past to understand what is going on (and address things from the past as needed) but the main focus will be on building the life you want now. Contrary to many movie depictions and some other types of therapy, CBT allows for a more collaborative approach to therapy.  We believe that you are the expert on yourself and your life so we will work together as we develop and test strategies to move us forward. For more information on CBT, call us at 345-745-6463 or check out the Beck Institute for general CBT information.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions if you have questions such as “do I need therapy?”, “what happens in therapy?”, or “how does it help?”

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